Proven Practices for Selling Insurance with NetQuote Leads

NetQuote spoke to a number of top agents who use our leads for selling insurance. Below are their best recommended practices.

Every minute counts. Online insurance consumers expect things to be done nearly instantaneously. If an agent waits even 2 or 3 days to contact a consumer after receiving the NetQuote lead, another agent has probably already acquired this consumer's business. A general rule of thumb is that the faster you contact a consumer, the better your chance at closing the sale and selling insurance.

Online consumers are comparison shoppers. A choice of one is no choice for consumers. Consumers need to feel that they have had a complete shopping experience to make a purchase -- that they are informed and understand their options. It is at that moment a consumer will feel comfortable in making a purchasing decision. So don't be frustrated with consumers who are seeking multiple quotes, this competition is healthy and means that the prospect is a serious shopper. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Set yourself apart. You know that the consumer is talking to other agents and may have requested online quoting from one or more agencies. It is imperative that you establish yourself with the consumer! Establish a process and "offer" that is uniquely yours. For some agents it is drilling down into the individual's true needs, not just relying on what their current coverage is and then educating the consumer on the best policy for their needs. For other agents it is identifying cross-selling opportunities, which again include educating the consumer on the benefits. Regardless of what your system is, it is imperative to identify your unique you!

The magic question! When you speak to the consumer, don't be afraid to ask for their business. Remember, they requested the quote and are looking for insurance - this is the perfect selling situation.

Informative Articles & Tips on Lead Generation Services

The three I's to Internet lead sales:

Immediate: The speed in which you reach your customer with a quote. Other agents will contact the customer on the same day. Speed wins when selling insurance.!

Informative: The customer is web savvy. E-mail the quote. Call them at all numbers provided.

Individualize: Gather thorough information from the prospect and identify the best possible solution to meet their insurance needs.