Health Insurance Lead Generation Services

With the growth of the health service sector and the burgeoning costs of medical services health insurance has become almost compulsory for any US citizen. Surveys show that about 80% of the total US population is already under the health insurance umbrella coverage. Of them about 60% receive their insurance from the company they work in while 25% are insured by the government.

What the above figures suggest is that the health insurance lead generation sector has become extremely competitive. Even if most Americans are insured against sickness and accidents, there is a huge number of individual agents and a considerable number of larger companies who are vying to have a piece of the pie. What this means is shrinking margins and competition between too many people for too little.

Shifting to the Internet for Health Insurance Leads

These days the earlier practices of putting an ad on the Yellow Pages or just making cold calls no longer fetches any significant number of leads. What insurance agents are now shifting to is the internet. The internet is providing a whole range of opportunities to the agent. He can put simple text ads or pop ups to grab the attention of the prospective client. Or he can even seek leads from the multiple health insurance lead generation services which have set up their shop on the internet.

The way these health insurance lead generation sites work is pretty simple. Common people who are interested in getting health insurance quotes from insurance companies log on to these websites and fill up a form. From this form the health insurance lead generation website gathers all the relevant information and passes it on to the agents at a pre-determined price. The fee for leads are either monthly or yearly subscriptions or you can even receive leads on a pay-per-lead basis. You can even get sets of leads for a fixed price.

Converting Health Insurance Leads

If you get a quality health insurance lead, the chances of your converting the lead into your customer goes up by that many notches. With a detailed contact information and knowledge about the kind of policy your client is looking for you can easily persuade him with good presentation skills.

If you are wondering which service to go to, give NetQuote a try. We are the oldest in the business and have done pioneering work in the field. With a health insurance lead from NetQuote, you can be assured that there is a higher chance of converting it if you follow up the lead diligently.

Learn About Health Insurance Lead Generation Types

This is the marketing phase that will help generate your income.  Selling health insurance is not a complicated process, but the understanding that it primarily a numbers game is what is going to grow your income.

The mathematical process:

Leads worked—› appointments set—› sales made= advance profit.

It doesn't take a genius to know that the more leads you work, the more appointments you will set, and the more sales you will make.

Use this formula to check if you are making money:

      Dollars spent on leads & lead generation services
(+) Dollars spent on running appointments
(-) dollars made on advances
(=) profit or loss

The first step is figuring out how to generate leads while increasing or maintaining your profit level.

Use a well rounded approach when finding health insurance lead generation, being well rounded is the best way to grow your business.  Do not make the mistake of putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Use the four basic types of health insurance lead generation.
  • Cold Calling
  • Quote Request Leads
  • Personally Generated Leads
  • Referrals

Find the right mix that works for you. Just like a table needs four legs to support weight, these four types will work to support your business. Keep in mind that if one of these legs is absent the table will fall.