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I've been a Farmers agent for over 6 years and have used NetQuote from the start. Over 30% of my book of business is directly or indirectly from NetQuote. When I write a household from netQuote I usually write multi-lines of business including life. This also results in referral business, of which I have written many multi-line households and commercial accounts. NetQuote has helped me become one of Farmers top producing agents and I'd recommend netQuote to anyone that wants to grow their book of business."
- Jack J., Farmers, WY

In my 8 years as an Agent and a Sales Manager, I have tried just about every lead service out there and everyone promises better leads and an easier return policy. I have learned the hard way that no one can stack up to netQuote. After growing my auto book by over 200 cars, I recently started purchasing health leads.  In my first month I managed to close 2 sales on 6 leads for a total premium of about $4500.  Not too bad of a return on investment if you ask me."
- Shaun T. State Farm Agent

netQuote outperforms all other lead providers. We get nearly 50% more volume and the leads we receive have a significantly higher close rate. With the higher volume and superior quality we receive from netQuote, our return on lead investment is more than double the return we get from any other online lead source."
- Kevin S. Farmers District Manager

netQuote is a vital part of our business. Our agency consistently places in the top 25 in production companywide. netQuote allows us to talk the right people at the right time in the areas we want to write business. I have tripled our client base in less than 2 years thanks to netQuote. I highly recommend giving them a try."
- Rich R. Farm Bureau

I've worked with netQuote for over 3 years and with the help of their quality leads, I've been able to meet my production goals each of those years."
- Sean K, Tucson, AZ

In over 10 years, my highest commission sale was from a netQuote lead. In addition to the original request for a $5 million buy/sell policy, the consumer referred her business partner for another $5 million policy. Additionally they both purchased personal coverage totaling another $5 million in policies. My total commission was over $42,000!"
- Jeff H, Independent

netQuote has been a core component of my long term growth strategy since day one. Any agency looking to attract today's insurance consumer must use netQuote."
- Andy C., State Farm Agent

I have been selling insurance since 1993 and started purchasing leads from netQuote in 2007.  In 2008, I sold $80,000 in premium and I am seeing a 60% growth for this year.  The growth of my business is directly attributed to netQuote's lead service."
- David J, Independant, PA

I've improved my close rate by persistently following up with leads that are not yet ready to buy. Through consistent communication, one lead that was initially unresponsive resulted in multiple policies totaling nearly $600K in coverage."
- Bob S., Bothell, WA

netQuote has completely changed how we market our agency.  We no longer do Yellow Page ads or almost any other passive marketing.  With netQuote, interested consumers in the shopping position come directly to us, taking the hardest part out of the selling process.  When we combine that with netQuote's automatic lead integration into EZLynx, we're able to quote multiple carriers in a matter of minutes. There's no question it puts us in a much more competitive position."
- Adam W, The Compass Agency

netQuote has been an essential part of my auto insurance business for nearly 10 years.  With the tools they provide, such as advanced targeting and lead integration directly into our comparative rating platform, I'm able to work leads faster and more efficiently.  netQuote has given us the ability to purchase more leads and close more policies."
- Robert A, RSA Insurance, CA

netQuote leads are essential in building my insurance agency. With the ability to target zip codes, we only receive leads in the areas we want to quote and in slow times, we can expand our territory to receive more leads. There is no other lead company that does things as well as netQuote - they deliver more leads, with more accuracy and better closing ratios. Plus, leads integrate directly into our rating system, saving us the enormous amount of time it takes to re-key data."
- Scott Reed, Reed Insurance Agency

I recommend netQuote University to new and experienced agents.  It improved my business and I was already closing at 60%.  The course offers great examples of what to do and not do.  It really shows how to maximize online leads."
- Jason Fleer, Independent Agent

During my first week with netQuote I sold a $3,000 policy - and I still have that customer today."
- Ed Ross, Feasterville, PA

netQuote does all the work for me, I just make the call and close the sale. I have had great success with online leads."
- Juan Grullon, Raleigh, NC

I started using netQuote in December of 2006 and I found that pursuing leads from the Internet was most effective. I think it's because prospects are looking for insurance at that very moment. The immediacy of it makes it successful."
- Mark Gordon, Allstate, Coral Springs, FL

I'm a scratch agent. That's why netQuote has been so important. It's helped me to get me off the ground, and now I'm number one in my district."
- Paul Thrash, Elkhart, IN