Kentucky Insurance Leads: High-Pedigree Clients

Amidst the seersucker suits, mint juleps, flower-topped hats, and general revelry, you have to wonder how many people at the Kentucky Derby actually pay attention to the race. But all it takes is a little common sense to realize a couple of things: one, that the more horses you bet on, the better your chances of seeing one finish first; and two, if your horse starts way ahead of the others, it has a better chance of staying that way. Your insurance business follows these same rules. When you get insurance leads in Kentucky, you've automatically added your name to a much bigger client list. And when you get them from, you receive Kentucky insurance leads in real time, putting you ahead of the competition at the outset.

Verifying Your Kentucky Insurance Leads
Like many long-time insurance agents, you may have a cozy office in whichever Kentucky city or town you live. And it's nice to have customers stop in to talk about their insurance needs. In Louisville, a 30-year-old man who recently closed on a three-bedroom house in the Beechmont neighborhood could pay you a visit to talk about an HO-3 policy. Maybe he's concerned about flood insurance, too. It's great doing business this way, but it doesn't happen that much anymore. Insurance leads in Kentucky from NetQuote, however, allow you to verify the Louisville man is indeed a real person looking for home insurance. We filter the make-believe addresses and phone numbers before we forward any Kentucky insurance leads.

Your Choice of Customer and Product
Even when the people and their contact information are real, you'll only benefit if you can filter the ones who need your expertise from the rest of the people searching online. With NetQuote, these sort of Kentucky insurance leads are never a problem. You can target a particular product, such as exclusively car insurance, as well as a zip code or group of zip codes. If you want to sell health insurance policies to Frankfort residents, you can set your lead generation to only include people from Frankfort looking for that kind of coverage.

Bluegrass Manners
Still, you may miss the days of offering your client a cup of coffee, or having the time to inquire about his kids. But don't dismay—we make your job easy in this respect. Our exclusive lead management system gives you the means to communicate with and track your insurance leads in Kentucky at every step. Place your logo on one of our email templates. Add a note relevant to home insurance for every home insurance client. Set handy reminders—perhaps even for your client's birthday.

Become More Effective
For some people, drinking Kentucky bourbon is as natural as breathing. For others, it takes a mint julep or several over the years to acquire the taste. Kentucky insurance leads have proven easy to close for some agents, while others have found the process challenging. At NetQuote, we offer free tools for both sides. If you're having trouble getting the right message across, take a look at our Best Practices, or learn some new tricks of the trade through NetQuote University. You'll be a pro in no time—and the leads will continue to pour in.