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Whether you are selling life leads, home insurance or auto insurance, we have the right tools in place to help you succeed. At NetQuote, we pride ourselves in not only offering quality insurance leads, but also helping you succeed through a variety of agent tools. Lead-generation tools include our lead management system and auto response emails along with integration partners that offer help in many different areas of insurance. In addition, you'll have access to NetQuote University, which offers a variety of education classes and webinars to help you start closing new business today. Get the highest quality leads and most sophisticated agent tools available by choosing NetQuote.

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A Complete Solution To Help You With Insurance Leads

Ready to drive more sales from online insurance leads for your business? Maybe you have signed up for our lead service and are not sure where to start to make sure you are following up on leads in the right way? Or perhaps you need tools and systems to track your leads through their life cycle more effectively. At NetQuote, we pride ourselves in being more than just a lead service but instead offer a complete solution to help you purchase and work insurance leads in the most efficient and successful way through a series of agent tools that we offer to members.

We provide you with a variety of agent tools to make sure you find our insurance lead service to be a valuable source of marketing for your agency business. We believe the key to your success is not just offering you hundreds of valuable, high-quality leads, but also several support tools to make sure you have the knowledge and assistance to use those leads to their fullest potential. At NetQuote, we understand that having a full system of tools and resources available will drive more success for our agents, so we work hard to provide additional tools to help you turn our insurance leads into more business for you.

When you succeed, we succeed. We offer these powerful free tools to all our agency members so that you can keep your leads organized, automatically follow up with new leads, track lead progress, track ROI, stay educated about sales and marketing tactics, and improve your bottom line with our integration partners. You can start closing new business today with leads that are self-selected, in your area, and looking for the type of insurance you provide!

Free Innovative Tools

As a NetQuote member, you'll enjoy access to these free innovative tools:

Lead Management System
If you're buying lots of leads, sometimes it's difficult to keep them all organized. With a variety of leads in different stages in the sales process, you need a simple way to keep track of everybody's needs, when to follow up, and more. Now, with our lead management system, it's never been easier to automatically respond to leads, set-up reminders, track progress and calculate ROI. Members login now

Auto-Response Emails
In the insurance leads business, we know that taking more time to quote a customer equals lost money. If a lead isn't contacted right away after filling out a contact for, they'll quickly get impatient and call someone else. Now, you can follow up with your leads immediately and make sure you keep that business. No matter how busy you are, you can set up auto-response emails to contact leads right away. Improve response time by sending an email automatically, as soon as you receive a new lead. Easily customize your response by product, get tips to improve your response rates, and more! Login to set-up auto-response emails now

NetQuote University
Education is power, and having the knowledge to effectively pitch and close sales will amplify your sales and marketing potential and grow your insurance business faster than you could have imagined. Let our exclusive online learning course help you improve your close rates. Learn to write effective emails, customize your pitch, overcome sales objections, and get other expert advice. With NetQuote University, you can approach your new insurance leads with confidence by learning how to deliver an effective pitch, what to say in your calls and emails with a new lead to really make them buy, and how to push through troublesome sales plateaus.

Integration Partners
When you partner with more people, you can offer your customers an even greater value. By integrating with our partners, you can maximize your potential, save time, and improve your bottom line. Save time today by integrating your leads into the most popular carrier and independent raters available!